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Ortho Dhoom Dhadaka (ODD) is a renowned and highly successful program initiated by the esteemed Dr. Apurv Mehra back in 2014. This program has significantly contributed to the field of orthopedics in India. It all began with the inaugural ODD program on August 14, 2014, which marked the beginning of a transformative journey. Since then, Dr. Mehra has conducted numerous ODD sessions across the country, making it a widely recognized and respected lecture series.

ODD Session
ODD Session

What sets ODD apart is its format as a single-day program, making it accessible and convenient for aspiring orthopedic professionals. The impact of ODD has been remarkable, especially in 2018, when Dr. Mehra conducted over 40 sessions across 32 cities, collectively reaching and educating around 8000+ students. This extensive reach underscores the program’s significance and Dr. Mehra’s dedication to disseminating orthopedic knowledge.

One of the key highlights of the ODD program is the valuable booklet provided to every attendee. This booklet serves as an indispensable tool for students, enabling them to efficiently revise the entire field of orthopedics in just 3 to 4 hours before their exams. The concise and well-structured content in the booklet empowers students to crack the majority of answers in their examinations, enhancing their confidence and performance. This commitment to providing comprehensive learning resources illustrates Dr. Apurv Mehra’s mission to not only impart knowledge but also facilitate the success of his students. ODD continues to thrive as a beacon of orthopedic education, enriching the learning experiences of aspiring orthopedic professionals across India.

ODD Session
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