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Welcome to Conceptual Surgery, where we are revolutionizing the landscape of surgical education. Our innovative platform is designed specifically for surgery residents and practitioners, offering a unique opportunity to learn from esteemed teachers and leading surgeons.

Our app brings together a cadre of distinguished educators, including luminaries such as Prof. Dr. S. K. Nair, Prof. Dr. Tej Krishan Thusoo, Prof. Dr. Arun Kakar, Prof. Dr. R. C. M Kaza, Prof. Dr. N. Ananthakrishnan, Prof. Dr. Vinod Malik, Prof. Dr. Harit Chaturvedi, Prof. Dr. P. N. Agarwal, Prof. Dr. P. K. Mishra, Prof. Dr. Sanjiv Dua, Prof. Dr. Satish Aggarwal, Prof. Dr. Rajeev Ahuja, Dr. Geeta Kadayaprath, Dr. Jignesh Gandhi, and leading surgeons like Dr. Roman Dutta, Dr. Vivek Verma, Dr. Vivek Bindal, Dr. Mrinal Pahwa, Dr. Saurabh Taneja, and many others. Together, they have crafted content that is not just comprehensive but also conceptually clear.

Our app encompasses a wide range of educational resources:

  • Clinical Examination and Demonstration
  • Learn to Perform Surgeries with Updated Guidelines & Latest techniques
  • Viva and Practical Exam Training
  • Theory Notes & Discussions
  • Live Online PG Courses
  • Live MCQ Discussions
  • Recent Exams Q & As
  • Solved Question Papers
  • Question Bank to practice MCQs
  • Pearls to Revise Important & High Yield Points
  • Clinical Examination In Surgery Books (Hardcopy)
  • Live Sessions by Legendary Faculties on Important & Rare Cases


One of our special features is the LIVE CHAT, allowing you to interact directly with our Conceptual Faculties, clarifying doubts and queries in real-time.

Join us on this transformative journey in surgical education by downloading our app, available for both Android and iOS platforms. Conceptual Surgery empowers you with the knowledge and skills essential for success in your surgical career.

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